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Cisco SPA Phone 504G 74.3A firmware

My Cisco SPA 504Gphones has started rebooting every two days.

and keeps prompting for Password on simple scroll of Menus

tried using voicemail pin. but it was invalid password.


Factory reset the phone gets fixed but goes back to the same result after two or 5 days.

My phone system under SNET Communications hasn't made any changes or upgrades with the system


My phone has the correct TFTP server Address it can make phone call for inbound and outbound

but it just keep asking for password and reboots every once in a while

even if my Fiber connection is stable.


thoughts anyone?

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What sort of menus does it

What sort of menus does it prompt you for a password on? If they are xml "application" menus perhaps the http server hosting/generating the xml is requiring a password?

If possible try upgrading to a newer firmware revision, eg 7.5.5b if this doesn't cause issues with your current provider.

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Note that almost any menu

Note that almost any menu item may be protected by password. It's matter of configuration.

Factory reset fixed the issue, but it revert pack after some time.

It may mean that there is Provisioning_rule configured so remote configuration gets reloaded. Reboots every once per day may be triggered by periodic re-provisioning as well.

Also note that 7.5.5b is not the latest firmware for this model. And it should be noted that direct upgrade from 7.4.3 to 7.5.5b is not possible. 7.5.2b must be used as intermediate step.

Note that remote provisioning may not fit well to upgraded firmware and there may be issues related to it. And upgrade to 7.5.2b is irreversible. If the upgrade will be incompatible with such particular provider then there is no official way to return to 7.4.3

So current configuration of the phone needs to be analyzed and further steps carefully watched.


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