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Cisco SPA303 hot line support

Hi Guys

We are wanting to configure a pair of Cisco SPA303s to support hot line functionality. I.E. When the phone goes offhook, it immediately dials a particular number without the user having to press any buttons. We are using SIP as the signalling protocol.

According to the datasheet, this is possible (perhaps only for SCCP though?):

However, I can't figure out how to do it. I have scoured the phone and web interface options and can't find anything. I have also checked the XML configuration template for the SPA30X and 50X phones. I can't figure out which option allows me to do this.

Has anyone else done this before? Would they mind sharing how they did it?

I have tried searching these forums and Google to no avail. If I've missed something, please point me in the right direction.

Thanks a ton!

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Cisco SPA303 hot line support


Go to the web page of the phone. Each line under the SPA has a Dial-Plan option. You just need to paste the next code in order to do the PLAR (HotLine).

(P1<:extesion> | (9,8<:1408>[2-9]xxxxxx | 9,8,1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx | 9,8,011xx. | 9,8,xx.|[1-8]xx)

PX=Pause for X second.

extension= where you want to auto dial.

In my case

(P1<:2002> | (9,8<:1408>[2-9]xxxxxx | 9,8,1[2-9]xxxxxxxxx | 9,8,011xx. | 9,8,xx.|[1-8]xx)

the phone automatically call to extension 2002

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