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Cisco SPA303 VoIP

I seem to be going round in circles trying to set up this phone for VoIP, there's so much informatin out there but nothing that explains the set-up I need!

I have a fixed Broadband line coming through the wall into my office - do I just plug this SPA303 into the phone (SW Socket) or do I still need a Modem and Router?

How do I get the Admin page up on my computer as I have typed in the phone IP address that it showed in in it's display and it doesn't work?


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Cisco SPA303 VoIP

If you have an Internet access through that line so you need just to plug your phone then find out what ip address it uses..
From your browser use that IP address to access to the web administration page.

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Cisco SPA303 VoIP

That doesn't work as I said above!

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Cisco SPA303 VoIP

Try this:

Assuming the phone set is still connected to the network, press the setup button, then press 9 to go into the Network setup menu.  Then press 7 to choose whether to enable the phone's web server--it should say Yes if you want to use the web setup utility.

Then see if you can connect to the web setup page using the phones IP address in your browser.

I know what you mean about setup being tricky--I have the info from our VOIP provider to point the phone at the provider, but nothing I've found so far in the Cisco docs for this phone to say how/where to enter the parameters.

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Re: Cisco SPA303 VoIP

I don't know what "broadband line" mean in your country (nor I know what country is your country). But SPA303 require ethernet.

If you have one you can connect it directly into SOA303 using appropriate cable.

If your broadband line is other type, then you need apropriate modem/terminal adapter/cable modem according the type of broadband line you have to convert it into ethernet.

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