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Cisco spa3xx & spa 5xx


When we install a new site with new Cisco spa phones 3xx/5xx we always get the same question.

Isn't it possible to transfer a call by pressing xfer --> press the internal / external number --> transfer the call by hanging up the phone and not press the xfer key again.

The same question is asked with the attendant console.

Isnt it possible to transfer a call bij pressing the BLF button --> talk tot the person --> Transfer the call by hanging up the phone.

Normally with almost every telephone system in europe this is the procedure.

Other sip phones also work this way ( Panasonic, Polycom, Yealink,.....).

Is this possible or is it in the roadmap?

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Cisco spa3xx & spa 5xx

The transfer requires pressing the transfer softkey again.  Hangup doesn't allow for the transfer.

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Cisco spa3xx & spa 5xx

I assume you didn't hit the heard of question.

Paul didn't asked how to transfer the call, he asked why it's not possible using the same way as work on most common phone systems we know. Or better to say, he is asking when it become possible.

It's true that all phone systems I know use the same procedure:

1 initiate transfer procedure

2 dial destination number

3 hangup.

Not surprisingly, our users expect such behavior even from Cisco phones. It's hard to explain that Cisco founded it's own procedure.

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