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Cisco spa502g and two or more proxy servers for registration

Well,  I have lots of the phones and I want effectively control and change their configurations.

I decided to split configs to  an overall config file (general parameters applied to all devices) and  private config file with parameters especial for a device.

Of course the last file (with especial parameters for a device) concerns user-id and password parameters. Now I have to keep in the file information about proxy server. But I'd like to move it to the overall.cfg. But I got a problem - in the company I have several proxy servers WITH DIFFERENT number plan.

That is some users register on one proxy keeping information of  one number pool, the others register on second proxy with independent number pool and of course different passwords. How to tell about these two (or three, four and so on) proxies on ONE file and link private config files to one or the other proxy servers to correctly register phones.

In xml file I see the strings



But my attempts to use 2 proxies simultaneosly by using aliases, SRV records with different priorities and weights have not led to success.

Always one server is used (Proxy_1_).

Can you give ideas.

Cisco Employee

Cisco spa502g and two or more proxy servers for registration

Hi Sasha,

The is for Line 1 registration while  is for Line 2 registration. These two are not meant to be used for redundancy.

If you're trying to configure a failover environment, take a look at the document.




Use this reference document to locate SPA phone resources

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