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Cisco SPA504G call pick up configuration

Hi I have 3 SPA504G 4 line IP phones and would like to know how the call pick up functions works and what configurations are required to enable this function. Regards, Sergio
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It depend on PBX you are

It depend on PBX you are using in most cases. So, what PBX you are using and whats its requirements for call pickup feature ?

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Hi Dan,Im not using a PBX

Hi Dan,

Im not using a PBX system I simply plug all units into my network switch and configure each phone with the SIP details provided by BT. I can manage my lines online with BT through an online portal where I have created a call pick up group however it still does not work. BT have advised me because it is not one of their devices they cannot offer support which is not very helpful. I wasn't too sure if each device could be configured through its IP address? As you can see I do not have a great deal of knowledge in this, but any help is much appreciated.

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You are using the PBX, the BT

You are using the PBX, the BT one. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar with the codes you need do dial to invoke call pickup on BT. Did you tried just to dial 66 or 75 to do pickup ?

You need someone more familiar with BT requirements. By the way, a how-to may help you even targeted to other SIP device that the Cisco one you have.



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