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CISCO Spa504g Multicast EXT 800

Hi All,


Upon configuring some additional exts. this morning for testing purposes as part of our new VLAN Telephony roll out, we created a few extensions for administrative purposes ranging 800-9. However upon doing this, we have now been made aware of a 'Multicast' feature on ext 800 that will ring all/page all on the same VLAN/LAN. Now due to how our SIP Communicates via our SF-300 this will communicate through all as the SIPS/VLANS all communicate with us at head office. Now I have looked in ways to disable this feature as now users have began to start calling back 800. As a result people are now abusing this feature or simply calling it back.


Would adding ext 800 into a seperate grouping with no associated members be a work around through the xml config? As the lovely feature does not touch our phone system meaning we can not add any additional call routing to block this.


Apologies for the lack of information / lack of sense. Its a friday morning and I haven't had my coffee down me... been stuck here since 7am trying to figure this out as it was being used/abused last night.


** Edit - Further more would controlling this at switch level make more sense? e.g. amending the multicast / stormflood settings? but are there any security implications via DDoS?

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