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Cisco Spa509g crashes / frezees

Hello I'm new to this community, but we are so frustrated with cisco paid support don't know what else to do.

We have a small office, 12 analog lines total, connected to Cisco 320w with 2 Spa 8800 and 14 cisco spa50x phones.

We use a 509g to receive all calls we didn't have any issue for like half a year, then the spa509g starting to freeze, mainly when receiving calls, (I will attach photo) it doesn't do nothing pressing any button, just remove power and power on again solve the issue.

After several communications with Cisco they told us to use a cisco switch (now we have a cisco smart switch) update all firmwares, 320w, spa8800 , and phones. We did. It worked for about 2 months now we are having the same issue with only that phone, operator/main extension, since we have another 509g we switched phones and configuration, and starting to work fine, for about 2 weeks, now we starting to have same issue with same extension, and different phone.

Could somebody help.....

The photo attached is how it looks when it freezes, there's no register of the event on the phone or on the system.

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