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Cisco UC Multisite via MPLS...

Hi All,

So here is the scenario:

Customer has multiple sites (6 to be exact).  The main site is going to have 2 UC560's (one for corporate, one for small outlying offices).  There will be two office larger outlying offices that have UC540's.  These will all be connected via MPLS from their ISP. 

What the plan is:

Multisite all 4 UC Platforms and have just 525G's at all of the smaller offices connecting back via VPN Tunnel in 2nd UC560. 

So my question to you, the Cisco Community:

- I imagine, besides the 525G's, that each UC will need to have the same Phone VLAN, albeit with different subnets?

- In addition, we will statically set VLAN settings on the 525G's and possibly static IP addresses as the MPLS router would want to hand out data VLAN DHCP, and the phone would not connect properly?

- Am I overlooking something in this configuration that would prevent this from working properly?

Thanks in advance,


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