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CMM 1.1.2 Managed Device > IP Phone Issue

I see an issue with the info correlation between the CCA and CMM. As you can see on the attached Word screen shots, the cca shows the phones and their corresponding extensions correctly. However, as an example shows the analog phone extension as the IP phone.

For example the 1st IP phone (CP-7960) shown with MAC address 0015f947f2f8 IP address 10.1.1..23 got ext 304 which belongs to the default analog phone (1 out of 4). The IP phone's ext is 201 as shown on the CCA screen shot.

The 2nd IP phone (CP-7960) has a similar issue shown with he Ext 303 which is should be ext 210 as shown correctly on the CCA screen shot.

Since I'm new to CCA, have I missed any configuration or is this a normal behavior?

Tks., Amir

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Re: CMM 1.1.2 Managed Device > IP Phone Issue


The reported issue has been resolved with the CMM 1.1.2 after applying the patch 4. No need to reply at this time.

Please take a look @ the CMM-ScreenShot2.doc for the extension reading fix in comparison to the CMM-ScreenShot1.doc file.

Tks., Amir

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Re: CMM 1.1.2 Managed Device > IP Phone Issue

Thanks for posting the follow up, Amir. If you have any more questions please let us know.


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