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Communicator TFTP Timeout & Trust List

I am unable to get IP Communicator to register on my UC520. My guess is there is a problem with the routing somewhere, but have not been able to resolve the issue.  So I'm turning to the community for help.

Network is set up as follows:  modem --> router ( --> UC520 ( & default VLANs).  Only the phones are connected directly to the UC; all other devices are connected directly to router.

When trying to configure Communicator two messages continue to show up:  TFTP Timout : SEP.....cnf.xml; and No Trust List Installed.  In CCA, the Communicator phone shows up with the MAC address and IP address (  Yet it will never register. 

My best guess is that Communicator is not able to find a route to or  I have a static route set up so that goes to (the IP address the router is giving the UC520).  Pinging from the computer results in a time out. 

Software Pack Version: 8.6.1

IOS:  15.1(4)M5, RELEASE SOFTWARE (fc1)

CME: 8.6

CUE: 8.6.5

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Communicator TFTP Timeout & Trust List

After two weeks of tinkering with this, I finally have it resolved.  Here's how:

First, the routing was all figured out so that I could ping  This involved the creation of a new VLAN and fixing some other site-specific network routing.

Even though I could ping and access the UC520, Communicator would still give the same error messages.  I had read other forums where different language packs were assigned and this was creating errors when registering.  So I started looking at what language packs the phone was looking for.  Eventually, I stumbled upon some security certificates (located in \program files\cisco systems\cisco IP Communicator\CDP).  After installing these certificates, the phone registered without issue.

Lesson learned:  check the install!

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Re: Communicator TFTP Timeout & Trust List

Seems to me all that has happened because your system had phone security installed, that is of high maintenance but dubious benefits.

Without it, everything is a lot easier.

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