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Conference and voice mail on UC-560


I have the UC-560 with 64 license

I have many SPA-504G and SPA-502G ip phone

How many(maximum) simultaneous call can be supported by this uc-560 ?

How many(maximum) simultaneous conference can I have ?

How many(maximum) user can I have in one conference ?

How many(maximum) voice mail message can be registered on the SPA-504G and SPA-502G ip phone ?

Thanks in advance for your help


Re: Conference and voice mail on UC-560

Go to and log in.

Click on Voice and COnferencing column, and then click the SBCS (second one down).

Since you're logged in, you will see a TAB on the next page called "For Partners" , go there.

Two up from the bottom is a link to "Partner Pages with a lock ICON", click that

Now you are where you will get all the information you need.

In particular, you want the Presales Resource called the UC560 Platform Reference Guide.

In there you will find all the answers on licensing (you can connect as many phones as you like of whatever model you like up to the license limit), WAN interconnect limits if using FXO or T1 (there are no limts for SIP Trunk (only bandwidth SLA from SIP runk SP), COnference configuration (you can addjust how many members and how many conferences you want (Adhoc and Meetme; where 32 is the max in any one) and voice mail box sizes (total minutes can be sliced up as you want it (steal from the kitchen phone to pay paul).


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