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Configuration from scratch: uc320w with esw 520 poe-8port switch

Dear all,

after reading all discussion about network configuration of the UC320w, for me discovering of devices while setup is running as wizrd is not going.

We have for test procedure in our lab a New Cisco UC320W(firmware 2.6.10) and a ESW 520 poe-8port(firmware 2.1.19 and boot version switch with 3 ip phones compatible with the UC320W.

We tried to setup the network with the 3 ip phoens and all of them get their IP address according to VLAN 1 and VLAN 100, but it seems that somthing is still blocking while the ssetup wizard try to connect all the devices( Getting Started with the Cisco UC320W Goal connect all devices wizard) no devices will discover.

We have setp the UC500 series in the past with success but this rsion seems to give us some problems, can anyone give me a solution to solve this problem.


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Re: Configuration from scratch: uc320w with esw 520 poe-8port sw

Hi Earnest,

Below are several things to investigate further:

  • Make sure your uplink port from the ESW is connected to the UC320W -- other ports are configured differently and may block traffic if used as an uplink without further configuration.
  • Verify uplink between ESW and UC320W is working.
  • Verify that the phones are getting a 10.x.x.x IP address on the phone itself.  Look on setup menu under network or network status.
  • If the phones were used on a UC500 system previously, the must be factory reset.  UC320W uses SIP mode while UC500 uses SCCP mode.
  • In a worst case scenario you can factory reset each device: UC320W, switch, and each phone.  Out of the box it should all work with factory settings.

If you are still stuck, it is time to call the SBCS where they can interactively debug with you.



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