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Configuring DID's on each SIP Line on SPA9000 -

Can anyone help? Can anyone tell me how to configure DID's on each SIP line. At the moment we have DID numbers, and each DID has a SIP account number. So for instance, on Line 1 we have account number of say 8XXXXXXX and that is entered into the USER ID, on the contact list we have the extension numbers., Same thing for Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, but each account no if different. However, we have know run out of Line to configure the DID account numbers to be forwarded to the extension. Can you set up a multiple DID's on each SIP Line account? and then how do we set up or conifgure the SPA 9000.

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Re: Configuring DID's on each SIP Line on SPA9000 -

Hi Nigel,

Check out the following URL or the attachment.;

Pages 86-91 should give you enough info, but the syntax in the appropriate line "contact list"  could be something like;

The Contact List is used to route the calls to a client station based on DID numbers that are embedded in the INVITE message.

EXAMPLE Contact List Rule:


But please check the administrative guide referenced above (or attached) pages 86-91 for further details and syntax'

regards Dave

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Re: Configuring DID's on each SIP Line on SPA9000 -


Many thanks for your prompt response. I have tried the settings as you described, but it doesnt appear to work. I have also had a chat with my SIP provider to ask them to send out the information on the DID header and they didnt really understand what I required, but they pointed me to my SIP account control panel, and tweeked it there, but it doesnt work. Is there anyway of checking on what information is being sent on SIP line?

At the moment, we have 5 SIP Trunks, with DID numbers. We have managed to configure, each Line on the SPA 9000, to different SIP I.D. and in there we can forward the calls using the Contact List Ruls. So at the moment we have SIP line account it start with a 8XXXXXX, and this is allocated to our main line number, the Number startign with 8XXXXXX is in the Display Name and User ID, in the Contact list we have 100,101,102,103 and therefore all the extensions ring as they should. In Line 2, there is another 8XXXXX, but different to the main line and DID number is allocated to this number, in the contact list in Line 2 is has user ID 8XXXXXXX:100, and it rings the right extension, but doing this we can only allocate 3 other DID numbers, before we run out of Lines within SPA 9000.

Well I hope that is slightly clearer?

Re: Configuring DID's on each SIP Line on SPA9000 -

Hi Nigel,

Patrick Born produced a good article on how to capture the SIP messages via syslog  for a particular line.

See the following URL;

Otherwise a wireskark capture is in order.

If you try Patricks method, you will need a syslog daemon on your PC  to capture the debug output.

Freeware syslog daemons are easily downloaded via the internet,  just do a google search on syslog daemons for windows.

regards Dave

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