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Configuring registration frequency and expiration separately

It seems like the frequency that the phone sends registration packets is based on what the expiration value is set to.

<Register_Expires_1_ group="Ext_1/Proxy_and_Registration">300</Register_Expires_1_>

The phone will send a register packet to the SBC five seconds before the 300 mark. If you changed it to 60, it would send a registration packet 55 seconds in.

My question is how can I configure the frequency that registration packets are sent independently of the expiration. Say I want the expiration to be 300 but the phone to send register packets every 120 seconds. How would I achieve this?

SPA504G running 7.5.2b.

Thank you.

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As far as I know, it is not

As far as I know, it is not possible.

If you will disclose why you are wishing for something like it we may suggest a workaround.

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If for some reason the packet

If for some reason the packet is dropped and thus doesn't make it to the PBX application within the registration time, the PBX will consider the endpoint offline, interrupting call flow temporarily. I want to be able to give the endpoint more than one opportunity to re-register.

As a workaround I set the registration retry interval to 2 seconds, though I'm not sure if that will have the intended effect I'm looking for. I'm not present at and don't have the means to simulate a faulty network connection.

If you can advise as to whether that's an effective workaround or if there's something else that could be done, it would be appreciated.

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Even the SIP in UDP mode can

Even the SIP in UDP mode can recover from one lost packet. If you have so unreliable network then consider SIP Transport to TCP instead of UDP. It will deliver SIP packets reliably.

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