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Configuring timeout when initiating a call with no answer

I'm using the SPA 504g with 7.5.2b firmware in this case. When you place a call, if there is no 200 OK received within 180 seconds, the SPA will send a CANCEL. Is there a setting to edit this value or disable it?



Hi.Under SIP menu check the


Under SIP menu check the INVITE Expires timer.

Under Regional menu check the Ring Back Tone rule configuration. The value after ; is the time out in seconds.



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Hello Daniele. Thanks for the

Hello Daniele. Thanks for the response. I adjusted the settings that you suggested so that they now look like this:

<INVITE_Expires group="SIP/SIP_Timer_Values__sec_">900</INVITE_Expires>

<Ring_Back_Tone group="Regional/Call_Progress_Tones">440@-19,480@-19;900(2/4/1+2)</Ring_Back_Tone>

Both values are now set to 900, I rebooted the phone, and still the 180 second timeout occurs. At this point, my spacfg.xml no longer contains any values of 180. Do you have any other suggestions or is there something I'm missing?

Thanks again.


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Session timers may be

Session timers may be restarted by intermediate responses and/or modified by headers sent by PBX (Session-Expires: 180). So catch the SIP packets. It may help you (or us) to analyze the issue.

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Thanks Dan and Daniele. I was

Thanks Dan and Daniele. I was able to pinpoint the issue when capturing on the phone's LAN. The proxy server between the phone and PBX was generating the cancel and sending the phone a 408. No problem with the phone at all. I really appreciate the assistance nonetheless.

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