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Cue Editor select on caller-id


I want create a custom script for the AA. In this script i create a variabele with de caller id, now i want to create a if statement that looks only to the first digits of the number (the international number).

How can i create a working condition ?

looks like variabele 1 = country number (looks like +31)      variabele 2 = the caller id (+31123456789)

then i want compare the first digits from variabele 2 with variabel 1 but HOW?

Please let me know if you can help me ,


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Cue Editor select on caller-id

Hi Adriaan,

I have never done a custom script before, but I know in the older days you could get assistance from TAC on this matter or the Small Business Team, however I do not know if the SBCS does this anymore but I would still highly encourage you to give them a call on their Toll Free Number and seek "Configuration Assistance".

I suspect you want this so when you do match the IDD you can forward it to its respective AA right?

Anyway sorry I couldn't be of much help to you, but if you cannot get the customer script sorted out, then I would be willing to try and assist you with working out an alternative.



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