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CUE install stuck at 51%

I have installed UC520-8.0.0 package so that the SPA504G phones are recognised, but now everthing is running in US English. When I try to change to UK English, CCA2.2 suggests I use the Maintenance, Software upgrade menu. When I pick CUE upgarde UK English, the install hangs at 51% whichever package I use. Can anybody suggest how I get over this problem?

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

I have been working with the Cisco Development team... I had the same issue...

I know how to manually re-install the CUE....

It is a tricky process, but I can help....

You need a tftp server and FTP server and all the relevant files...

Let me know when you have this.......

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

I have a 3CDaemon tftp and ftp server and I think the relevant files are in the 8.0.0 package aren't they?

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

Hi Kevin,

Ok, I used Solarwinds TFTP and Fileilla ftp server, but i think yours should be ok....

What you need to do is extract the files from the file and you will find another zip file inside the CUE 7.1.3 file...

I need you to extract that to the folder where the ftp and tfpt server will pick the files up from....

Once you have done that, I need you to open up a telnet or SSH session to your device...

do you know how to log into the CUE from here the serivce module integratetd 0/0 ........

if you do perform the reset command first then immedaiatley after it log in to it....

you have to be quick.... as you are looking for the boot config...

when you see the *** on the boot up screen we need to manually do the install...

Let me know if you know how to do this... If you want we could do a webex or some sort of colaboration...

I will be home on 30 minutes... So we can continue then....

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

Hi Brian

I think I'm setup, but I don't know how to login to CUE from telnet session on UC520.

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

The command to access CUE from a UC520 telnet session is service-m i0/0 se. You might need to do a service-m i0/0 se clear to clear the existing CUE session.

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%


You got a number I can reach you on...

I will talk you through it if you want...

PM me your numbe if you want

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%


I'm seeing the same problem when localizing a UC520 to Swedish, stuck at 51%. Is there a bug report filed for this case? Would be great if there's a fix for it.

Best regards

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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

Hi Markus,

I can try to walk you through the manual process to load the Swedish vmail settings if you want...



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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

Hi Brian,

I have a similar problem when trying to load the UK language files for 7.0.3 after upgrading CME and CUE and being left with default US language.

Any chance you can post the steps here?



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Re: CUE install stuck at 51%

I have resolved my issue and CUE now works fine on 7.1.3.

There seemed to be several issues with the process and the provision of files needed for the upgrade.

Within the UC520-8.0.0 package there is a SCUE-UC500-7.1.3 archive which I used and I got the langpack from the file exchange here...

The version of CUE in the UC520-7.1.3-ea is only 7.0.3 and there are file mismatches in it (some of the files are 7.0.0 so the upgrade process bombs out if using CCA unless you hack the text file that references the files.  Either way that way failed hence the note on how it worked for CUE 7.1.3.

The overall process I used is documented here..

Sometimes I got locked out of the CUE console so you have to reload doing a > service integrated-Services-Engine 0/0 reload

the do the *** to get into the boot loader menu.

Follow the instructions as per the above link.

The helper file I used on the TFTP server was cue-installer.uc500.7.1.3

The IP address required in the instructions (it doesn't specify) is the default address with a gateway address of (loopback address on the UC520 which I was then connected TFTP / FTP servers (SolarWinds & Filezilla) into via a data VLAN subnet).

Good idea to make sure that the tftp and FTP servers are responding and that the files are there otherwise the process will abort.  If can't access check / disable firewall on PC / servers.

Make sure you download the language file from

I used cue-vm-en_GB-langpack.uc500.7.1.3.prt1

The package file I specified in the upgrade process after it had done the TFTP and I had typed 'boot helper' was cue-vm-k9.uc500.7.1.3.pkg

Once this has been FTPed it will ask for the required language from a list.

From here on in the process went to completion.

As there was no backup file it looked like I was locked out of CUE (couldn't get a session and the phones had no VM).

I just went onto CUE web admin with and logged in with cisco cisco (not the previous username & pwd used by CME) and I just clicked Initialise.

It picked the users up but I had to configre the number for VM and AA but that was it.  Now all working on 7.1.3 in UK English.

Wouldn't it be great if pakaged files were all matched or there was a full compete install set for CME + CUE in each language rather than having to bastardise things to work in non-US English!

BTW, the reason for the upgrade was to get Plantronics headsets working with the Hookswitch control and the APC-4.  After the CME upgrade to 7.1 the phones showed the Headset Hookswitch Control but had it at disabled.  A slight gotcha is that when you put in the command to enable it under the telephone-service, it is case sensitive on the ehookEnable XML command (the E in Enable)!!! Don't foget the create cnf-files and the reset on the ephones!

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