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custom ring file unavailable!

I carefully followed the steps for creating a custom ringtone

When I select the ringtone I can see my custom tone names under the list but when I select it I keep getting ring file unavailable! I can play only chirp1 and chirp2.

I have checked

location of files is in flash:/ringtones/.....raw, ....xml, etc

alias is correct


file size

tried 3 different custom ringtones that others had sucess with

using the latest updates package and a 7945 phone

Any other ideas?

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Re: custom ring file unavailable!

Hi there,

I know you have read through that document and carried out everything that it most likely has told you to do, however can we just briefly go through this following checklist?

  1. The audio file is a .raw file that is at 8000 sample and 8bit
  2. You have update the RingList.xml file?
  3. You have updated the DistinctiveRingList.xml?
  4. You have updated the tftp-server list on the configuration file that points to the files exact location?
  5. You have run the debug tftp event command to see what happens when you try to choose that file?

A good thing to make sure is that the file extension is not .RAW and is a .raw, you would be amazed how many people fall into this trap.

The important thing is to see what happens in the debug when you try to choose the file, normally when it says that the file is unavailable, it is saying that because the XML lists it but the file can not be found, so this points to a break in the reference points (Symbolic Links).

using the latest updates package and a 7945 phone

This is the phone i use daily and do all my testing on, for some reason it would not pick up the CTU24.raw file that i put in until i reset the phone, it just kept on saying unavailable when i chose it in the list, so maybe even try that.



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Re: custom ring file unavailable!

I finally figured it out. I had previously put the incorrect path in the alias and when I added the correct path I forgot to then also remove the wrong one:

I did a show run and looked at my alias's under tftp-server flash:

I had both the wrong one and the correct one listed.

I had the wrong path I was missing the / before ringtones


tftp-server flash:ringtones/***.raw alias ***.raw

so I needed to

(config) no tftp-sever flash:ringtones/***.raw alias ***.raw

then issue the correct command

(config) tftp-server flash:/ringtones/***.raw alias ***.raw

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