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Customer request has me stumped - VPN


I think I already know the answer but I will try the brain trust here;

A customer wants to know if it's possible;

A small branch office that has all traffic VPN'ing back to a UC520, they want to know if the tunnel goes down can they have traffic just go directly to the Internet, then when/if the tunnel comes back push all traffic back over the tunnel.

There is a 871 at the branch and a switch.

I know I could do this with two more routers using IP SLA and policy based routing, but I don't think there is any way to modify the crypto to change traffic based on the tunnel being up or down.

What's possible here?

Thanks in advance,



Re: Customer request has me stumped - VPN

When we configure a remote Teleworker for the UC500, we configure split tunneling on the Server side, so only traffic which intended for the main office travels encrytped. Pretty much voice and the data vlan access.

if the tunnel goes down, the remote teleworker can still surf the public I,  but the tunnel will go down and so will voice and data vlan sharing.

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Re: Customer request has me stumped - VPN


This request is a little different; no split tunnelling when the VPN is up, but if it goes down allow traffic out to the Internet. I told the client we cannot think of a way to do this with only one ISP.

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