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Dial plan for UK


I have configured a UC520 using CCA 1.9 but seem to not be able to dial an outside line. I can call the internal extensions without a problem but when I dial a 9 to get an outside line it shows unknown number on the phone display.

Looking at the dial plan setting under voice there are 2 options none and locale generic, if I select local generic and configure the plan after applying the settings they are not delivered to the uc520.

what am I missing?

If I reset the system to factory default without entering the voice option within the CCA I get a dial tone after pressing 9 on the phone.

I have attached a copy of the running config that is current after the last factory reset and only voice configuration setup within the CCA 1.9.

Any pointers greatly appreciated.

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Re: Dial plan for UK

Never mind I cracked it, the CCA I was using was upgraded from version 1.5 that came with the UC520. I ran the sftware update from within the CCA which upgraded it to 1.9, this upgrade did not install the dial plan templates which I found when I downloaded the full 1.9 install from the cisco site and installed onto a clean PC.

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Re: Dial plan for UK

OK. Good catch. I would advise you mark this thread "answered" for the benefit of the broader community.


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