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Dial plan or translation rule for replying to calls

I am trying to figure out how to have the appropriate access code inserted for replying to calls. When my users want to reply to missed calls, they want to simply hit dial. That doesn't work though as the system is configured to require a 9 for outbound calls. I have a dial plan in place using cca 1.9.1 with 7.0.2.  I am using the North American Template with a few edits.

What am I missing? I was under the impression based on the dial plan that the system would automatically insert a 9 in front of any 7 digit number dialed or insert a 91 in front of any 10 digit number called. How do I make this work?

This is a feature that our clients are beating us up about as we deploy the UC500 at sites as most phone systems I have worked with handled this feature automatically.

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Re: Dial plan or translation rule for replying to calls

You need something like this.

voice translation-rule 1
rule 1 /\(^.......$\)/ /9\1/
rule 2 /\(^..........$\)/ /91\1/
rule 3 /\(^.*\)/ /9011\1/

voice translation-profile profile1
translate calling 1

dial-peer voice 10 pots
translation-profile  incoming profile1
incoming called number .

You might actually want to change the first rule if you don't have
7 digit dialing there.  You would need to include local area codes
in the case of some 10 digit dialing.  You should also look at the
dial peers and translation profiles already in use.  You do not
want to overwrite them.

Here is the oob configuration guide for CCA 1.9.

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Re: Dial plan or translation rule for replying to calls

I attended a SBCS training and from that was under the belief that the dial plans and the standard OUTGOING_TRANSLATION_PROFILE could do what I was asking.

I am not understanding why the base configuration with an access code assigned within CCA doesn't do what I need. I understand that lots of things need to be done

via the CLI but I don't understand why this is the case in this scenario.

The system is fully configured with appropriate dial plans etc... via CCA. User tries to make a call to a missed call and they simply cannot select dial as the number

shows up in the missed calls list without a 9 in front and the 9 is not automatically inserted when the press dial.

Re: Dial plan or translation rule for replying to calls

CCA's config doesn't do this today.  I am not sure if future plans are to enable this some how through CCA.

When translation rules are applied to dial-peers, you match the dial-peer first, then apply the translation rule.  The example that I am giving can be applied to existing dial-peers and translation rules, but you might have problems if you don't follow the out of band configuration guide.

The workaround I provided will prefix the 9 so that when a call is made inbound, the leading 9 will be present.  The way CME works today, if you wanted a 9 prefixed automatically, no outbound calls would require the 9.  The system doesn't recognize the call as being from missed calls and therefore needs the 9 added.

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