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Disabling the Default Access Code

We just setup a new UC520 for a customer. They have 2 lines connected to FXO 0/1/0 and 0/1/1 for two different companies. They have a some requirements which we have been able to meet, but are struggling to complete the rest. They wanted to be able to answer the calls on multiple phones. They want that if the call is not answered after X rings it goes into an AA. They also want to be able to disable requiring a default access code when dialing out.  What we have done is configured each CO line to go into a Call Blast group and we placed those two extensions on every phone. Right now the calls are going into a GDM because we can't seem to get the Blast group to send the call to the AA after X seconds. The customer also wants to be Press the Blast Group extension on the phone and dialout without having to use an access code, as if the line was a CO Line button. We were thinking about doing some translation to remove the need of the 9.  Any ideas on how to meet these requirements?

Thanks a million.


Re: Disabling the Default Access Code

My first recommendation is to try to convince the customer to keep the access code. It makes life easier and the configuration less complex. If they refuse, take a look at the following document regarding removing the access code in PBX mode.

Hope this helps.


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