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Discovering SR520 IP

I just took over managing a site with a uc520 and an SR520 firewall.  I can log in to the UC520 just fine but i can not figure out what the IP address for the SR520 is and no one at the business seems to know either.  Tried asking the guy that used to manage the site and he gave me an IP address that does not work so he is not much help either.  Is there anyway to discover the IP address for that unit short of searching thousands of IP's? 

I searched all the IP's on the subnet and came up with nothing, starting a search now on the subnet but it is estimating 10 hrs of search time and i would rather not spend that long if it can be helped.

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Re: Discovering SR520 IP

If you download CCA and login to the UC520, it will show you what the IP address is on the topology map.

If you are using CLI you could type "sh cdp neigh det" and that will give you the IP and MAC address of every Cisco device running CDP, directly connected to the UC520. 

You could also connect your laptop directly to the SR520 and run a IP scan. If the SR520 is running DHCP your laptop will show you what the IP address is.

Lastly,  you could login to the UC520 via CLI and type "sh ip route".  If the SR520 is the default gateway of the UC520 you will see it's IP address listed as the "gateway of last resort" at the very top.

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