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Display DDI used for incoming call


I have a challenge with a client that I would like some advice on solving.

The customer has a block of DDIs. Most of the DDIs are specific to the individual. 1 of the DDI's however is used as an emergency support number. When the emergency support number is called, the individual answering the call needs to log that a call was made to that number. In addition, this DDI needs to be answered differently to when the main office number is called. For example, "Emergency Helpline.."

Can anyone suggest how I can identify that the emergency helpline DDI? At present I have used an SPA504, given the helpline an extension of 250 and assigned that to line 2 as a shared extension on multiple phones. However, to save them having to add more 504s to the system whenever they want to extend the users in the group etc, is there a way to present this on a telephone's display? They will soon be adding a further 2 DDIs which will be used for a similar purpose...

Any advice would be appreciated!

New Member

Display DDI used for incoming call

Hi Stuart,

There are probably a couple of ways to do this, but you could try the following:

  • Create a "Shared DN" or if using CCA a "Floating Extension"
  • For its secondary you would list its DID number
  • For it's Description you would put in there the DID number
  • Assign this "Floating Extension" to the button of the phone
  • If more than one Floating Extension repeat the exercise as above

This is probably the most simplest way to do it, it will also use up button real-estate, and you should also be mindful of the screen real-estate as well, if the number is long it will probably not show up correctly, so then give it an abbreviated name which can be easily identified instead of a number for the name (Hope that makes sense).

Hope this gives you another path to work on



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