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DNs-What are the maximums and how to preserve them.

I'm using the 8U UC500 with 56 max DNs. First, I'd like to know how many DNs the other boxes have (16,24,32,48,64). Do the bigger routers like 1800s give you more DNs when you run CME on them? Here's the real question. I have literally run out and am wondering if there's a good way to conserve these or if I have to move up to a bigger box. I'm using UCC mobility server along with DISA (although we can't get it to work right) and that gobbles them up. For SNR to work, you have to have 2 ephones with 3 single-line DNs each. If you want it to ring more than one alternate SNR number, you need an extra ephone for each one. So if I want 2 other phones to ring with that SNR, that's 9 DNs right there. For DISA, it seems we only need one ephone, but that still takes 3 DNs. Add in MeetMe conferencing and the ad-hoc DNs you need for regular conference calls and the other features I've named to work, and there are only a handful of DNs left. There are 7 phones and one of those has 3 unique DNs. A couple park DNs, MOH, 4 analog, couple paging, couple intercom, LiveRecord... none left. Zero. Please correct me if I'm wrong and doing this horribly wrong. Thanks.

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Re: DNs-What are the maximums and how to preserve them.

Here are the numbers:

The ISR's do give you more directory numbers. With the introduction of Octal DN's (octo lines) the resources on the UC500 can be better utilized and it is very unlikely that you will run out of DN's for a typical deployment. More info on octal lines:

Let me know if this helps,

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