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Extesion Mobility: C SCRIPTS: Internal Error (Interface busy)


I entered 5 phone profiles and 1 user profile on Extension Mobility in the corresponding panel in CCA (UC540W 8 user); now, before I start to go crazy with debugging and / or try to enter another type of phone, I was wondering if someone points to a possible solution. I've got a busy signal when I call the extension associated with the fourth and fifth profile and I see on the terminal this message:

%VOICE_IEC-3-GW: C SCRIPTS: Internal Error (Interface busy): IEC= on callID 42941 GUID=E3707E4D2B0511E099CDE2CC1028A790

lab#sh voice iec de
    IEC Version: 1
    Entity: 1 (Gateway)
    Category: 182 (Hardware Resources Unavailable)
    Subsystem: 11 (C SCRIPTS)
    Error: 26 (Interface busy)
    Diagnostic Code: 0

May be linked to the type of phone? On profile forth and fifth I have a 7911 & a 7910. Also I can not use these phones to call; 'dial', 'redial' and 'new call' will not work :-(

Note for CCA Team: Among other things I noticed that if you want to assign a number already in use to a profile, you must delete the extension, leave the screen 'phones and users' and return. Otherwise, even if deleted continues to indicate that the extension is in use!!!



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Re: Extesion Mobility: C SCRIPTS: Internal Error (Interface busy

Opsssss... extension was in 'octal line', now work! I switch in 'dual line' :-)

In any case, there are several things that should not be using the phones in 'mobility':

  • I can not give the phones to a 'pick group'.
  • Difficult to identify the phones 'Paging Group' because they are reported as 'unknown'.
  • When a user is logged on, the original extension is busy.

What I jumped in the documentation???



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