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F.W. 7.4.6 Bluetooth Bug

I have multiple phones experienceing the same issue using FW 7.4.6. The   audio on the bluetooth seems to stop working as soon as someone uses  the  speakerphone while the Bluetooth is paired. If a user attempts to  make a  call with the bluetooth after making a call using speakerphone  there is  no audio. The phone almost doesn't recognize the BT anymore  because  pushing the pickup button on the headset won't make the phone  pickup or  hangup a call. The simplest way to make it work (were talking  about  stanard non-techinical end users) is to power cycle the phone.  This happens with multiple brands of bluetooth headsets and with  multiple phones.

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Re: F.W. 7.4.6 Bluetooth Bug

We are using the SPA525G phone with the above noted firmware.  Using the Plantronics Voyager Pro headset we do not appear to be having this issue.

The only thing of note is that there appears to be a 2 second delay in hanging up the phone using the on/off hook button on the headset.  Other than that it is working pretty good.

I should also note that we are using the phones in an Asterisk environment.

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Re: F.W. 7.4.6 Bluetooth Bug

I also forgot to mention.  Once the issue begins happening I am unable to unpair, delete or pair another bluetooth device.

I have tried using a Plantronics Discovery 640 and I have similar issues. Actually with the Plantronics if I plug in the headset to charge it make the phone pickup like I am trying to make a call.

The fact the issue happens with multiple BT devices makes me beleive it is a firmware issue and not a bluetooth device issue.

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