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Fax FXO/FXS configuration Assistance

I know this should be simple, but I unable to find the correct combination.   I have a fax line that comes in a FXO port, which is directed to an FXS port which has the analog fax machine connected to it.   The inbound works fine.   What I am struggling with is outbound, as the requirement is that all calls must go out the FXO port that has the POTS FAX line connected.   I also need to remove the need to dial 9 on that line only.

Any configuration examples would be greatly appreciated!!!!


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Re: Fax FXO/FXS configuration Assistance


     See the following link for a configuration example that will send calls out a specific port.

Regarding removing 9, one option is to configure a translation rule to add 9 to calls made from this port. This would allow users to dial the number without 9. The translation rule would then prefix a 9 in order to match your existing dial peers.

voice translation-rule 1

rule 1 // /9/

voice translation-profile 1

translate called 1

ephone-dn  5  dual-line
number 301 no-reg primary
label 301
description PhoneA Analog

translation-profile outgoing 1

Hope this helps.


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Re: Fax FXO/FXS configuration Assistance

Ok, so this should be simple; but I am obviously being thick headed!!   Using the earlier provided guidance, I am still unable to get this working.  What ever happen to calling search spaces and partitions?   Anyway, I have attached my configuration for review.   What I attempting to do is take the analog device that's attached to FXS port 0/0/3 to have all outbound calls directed towards FXO port 0/1/2.   Additional, I am also wanting to drop the need of dialing for the same analog port only.

Any thoughts or guidance would be greatly appreciated.


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