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fax machines on uc560 with PRI and FXS ports?

During a quote meeting today, we were asked about attaching a fax machine on the uc560 via FXS port. My experience has been that using fax machines on FXS ports off a t1 can be hit or miss. I was informed by the potential customer that when using a PRI, if there's no conversion on the PBX off the PRI into a codec and then back to the FXS port where the fax machine is, the fax machine works 100% of the time. 1) Is that the case with a PRI/FXS-FaxMachine combo and 2) if using a PRI on the uc560 with a FXS port with attached fax machine, is there any signal conversion into a codec, or is signal relayed straight from the PRI to the FXS? (thus ensuring that Faxing to FXS attached FaxMachine over PRI to will be 100% successful?)

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Re: fax machines on uc560 with PRI and FXS ports?

As long as the faxes are coming in via PRI then you’ll be fine – and quite easy to configure with CCA.

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Re: fax machines on uc560 with PRI and FXS ports?

Hi Jeff,

In my experience is has always been a hit and miss situation, with ISDN and PRI the misses still happened but not as often, although in recent SW pack releases I believe this to have improved maybe???

It has been a long held practice to just keep them separate and let them run of their own line, however I am now facing situations where clients would like that level of integration, the problem is I do not have a lab environment with a PRI setup to test this and see how it fairs up now.



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