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Fax to Email with CUE and fax_detect in "connect_first" mode

Hi, my goal is that the fax sending person using a fax machine can choose (through autoattendant script, voicemail or some other IVR script) the recipient of the fax, and the fax is stored in the recipient mailbox in CUE, not a predetermined fax mailbox.

The constraint is I don't have a separated DID number for each fax recipient, I only have a separated DID number for voice and fax.

I based the configuration in this document:

Specifically I want this to work:

-------- quote-------

From the user's point of view, this is the sequence of events:

1. The fax call is initiated.

2. The called number starts ringing.

3. The user picks up the phone or the call is transferred to the voice mail.

4. If the user picks up the phone, they hear CNG tones (in the case of fax calls) or voice (in the case of voice calls). At this point:

If the user disconnects the call before the fax gateway can detect that it is a fax call, the call is disconnected and fax must be resent.

If the user puts the call on hold for the six seconds that the gateway requires to detect that it is a fax call, the call leg between gateway and Cisco Unified CME or Cisco Unified Communications Manager is disconnected. The call is established to a MMoIP dial peer.

If the user attempts to transfer the call to the fax number (MMoIP), the call transfer fails and subsequently the call is disconnected.

5. If the call is forwarded to the voice mail of the user, the voice mail prompt starts playing. If the call is a voice call, the user can leave a voice message. If the call is a fax, the CAG tone is detected within six seconds, the voice call is pulled back, and another call leg to MMoIP dial-peer is established. The voice leg of call is disconnected.

-------- unquote-------

I succesfully configured T.37 store and forward in the gateway, and also onramp faxing is working, of course sending the fax to a predetermined fax mailbox. But when I configure fax_detect using "connect_first" mode as explained in the document, the behaviour is a little strange. Actually when the fax sender is hearing the recipient's voicemail prompt, as soon as CNG tones are sent, the call is just disconnected.

Is there any succesfull configuration of this mode?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Fax to Email with CUE and fax_detect in "connect_first" mode

I answered this question here:

A GDM might work.



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Re: Fax to Email with CUE and fax_detect in "connect_first" mode

Hello, just to inform I solved my requirement using only fax_onramp. No need fax_detect in this case.

I jumped into TCL source of fax_onramp script and found that it already manages some kind of destination selection as well as accounting and authentication. Seems those options are not well documented.

Altough it has some bugs which I had to fix for myself, now it's working perfect!

Thanks anyway for all the help!

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