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Fax UC520


We have UC520 with latest OS, 2 analog lines are connected to FXO ports and a Fax machine is connected to one of the FXS ports, I  want to to be able to detect a fax call that has cometo any of the FXO lines and then send it directly to the FXS port where the Fax machine is connected. All documents that I have come accross suggest Fax to Mail setup and a prompt. With CCA it can be done easily, however all I want is just to detect the fax call and send to that extension, no prompt no email. so the user would just dial any PSTN number and hit send on their fax machine and it shows up on my fax machine.

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Fax UC520

Hi There,

The way to achieve this would be to PLAR the FXO (Voice-Port X/X/X) to the FXS port station number which you would have programmed in.

If you are doing this via CCA then have CCA forward the call to the FXS port, it will take care of the plaring and the handling of it.

I  would not recommend Fax-to-Email personally as its success is  intermitten through my own testing, although other people have reported  great success with it.



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Re: Fax UC520

Are you trying to use the POTS line for both a fax line and to be able to make and receive calls? If so your best bet is to use fax to email for inbound faxes and you can use the fax machine for outbound. Then you can use the fax detect with the TCL script for fax to email.

If this is the case let me know and I can send you a sample config.

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Re: Fax UC520

Well I can't apply david's solution since I want to use both FXO as voice and Fax, so if your solution can be done without the email part, just the detection process it would be great

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