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Fax User Mailbox

I have fax-to-email onramp service working well to multiple users on the UC540 system.  My concern is that I currently have found no mechanism that will automatically delete the fax messages from the fax users mailbox in CUE.  Is there an alternative way to remove the fax messages from the mailbox without having to login and delete them manually?


Re: Fax User Mailbox

IMAP integration CUE Voice Mail to Owning Users EMAIL?  This way the user (who is usually logged into Outlook EMAIL) can delete them


Or is this what you wanted to avoid when you said dindt want to log in?


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Re: Fax User Mailbox

Let me try to be more clear.  The attached onramp setup document details how to setup a fax user within CUE.  This user has a mailbox in CUE where the faxes are sent after CME converts the message to a .TIF file.   Then CUE sends an email to the specified address.  CUE does not delete the message after it sends the email so I am wondering if there is a mechanism to delete the message sitting in the CUE voice mailbox.  I am trying to avoid having to instruct the user to go into the CUE mailbox and manually delete the messages as I do not know how the mailbox will respond when it becomes full.  Does this make sense?


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Re: Fax User Mailbox

I had the same issue with a customer.  Our workaround was to first create a second smtp address for each user in exchange consisting of their extension.  So I could receive email with both and  Then the mmoip dialpeer would fill in the $d$ variable with their extension when the call came in and shoot it on over to exchange rather than going to CUE. is the exchange IP.

dial-peer voice 3 mmoip
service fax_on_vfc_onramp_app out-bound
destination-pattern 30[0-2][1379]
information-type fax
session target mailto:$d$@

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Re: Fax User Mailbox

There is no way to automatically delete a message without login into the mailbox and doing it.


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Re: Fax User Mailbox


i have open a TAC Case for this problem with following result:

I’m afraid there is no such feature 
at this stage. IMAP uses a polling mechanism to determine if voicemail is 
present on CUE. So needs a mailbox. Else we may have to go with manual deletion 
of the mailbox.

HowTo - > Configuring Integrated Messaging (IMAP) on UC500 using CCA

The feature is insert into the roadmap for coming up versions.

Currently, there are no solution for automated delete of fax messages in CUE

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