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Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

Hi Members, Engineers.

I have exhausted the possibilities of how to set this up and have come to the conclusion it is either cant be done or is too hard.

Is it possible to have a direct dial have a Rule for Day and a Rule for Night.

In other words I have a Direct Dial that goes to a BACD in the day.

At night I want it to go straight to a message saying we are closed.

I have the schedule setup ok and it works if I point the Direct Dial direct to the AA but what forwards the BACD group?

Is there a code you type that can forward a BACD group at night or automatically.

any help as I am at the point of giving up.

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Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

That is normally done using schedule on CUE AA scripts.

If you want manual override, you will need to send the call to an ephone-DN first, either floating for configuration from a PC, and/or placed to some buttons of a "control phone".

That DN will to be permanently set  CFA to send it to CUE, or other destination to override.

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Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

So I guess the answer is no, I was right in the fact the Direct Dial needs to point to the AA to follow a schedule.

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Re: Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

I'm not sure what you're asking and what are you trying to accomplish in practice.

As above: DDI can point to ephone-DN for manual control of incoming calls via CFA.

It does not necessarily need to point to an AA.

For your information I made enhancements to B-ACD/AA so that is supports schedules like CUE AA.

These can be adquired on my website

But this feature is not much needed on the UC500, because it comes with CUE from factory.

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Re: Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

I am trying to Achieve a simple Call Flow.

Direct Dial points to a Blast Group with a No Answer forward to an AA Group.

During the Day the Blast Group goes to a Share which is behind a button on 3 Phones. After 15 Seconds of no answer it hits the AA and Plays a message "Thanks for Calling all operators are Busy, Press 1 to Leave a message or stay on the Line"

At Night it does the same, waits 15 Seconds whilst ringing around the site and then the schedule plays a closed message.

I couldnt work out how to get it to play direct at Night to AA but the 15 seconds isnt much to wait.

I tried making the Direct Dial goto a BACD first then onto a Blast Group with a No Answer Timer of 15 Seconds but the caller has to wait 45 Seconds as the minumum no answer message is 30 Seconds on the BACD.

So that is what I am trying to do.

I have a feeling now with this setup that once it hits the AA in the day it will just play the message 3 times then hang up. I would like it to actually ring back at the Blast Group or forward on.

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Re: Feature Request - Day / Night Ring

Once a call hits CUE AA you have almost complete control on what happens, because CUE AA scripts can be custome programmad using CUE script Editor.

For a ready CUE AA script that does virtually everything with just configuration and no programming, reference the site mentioned above.

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