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Feature request - Simple AA Open/Closed script


The current scripts included withe UC solution are in my experience not very usable in The Netherlands. Most businesses here just want a simple script which tells customers, who call outside working hours or on holidays that the company is closed and that's it. Optionally they want a destination to forward the call to when calls have to be answered.

Maybe it's a cultural thing here but most people don't want to leave a message, companies don't want to spend time on listing to VM-messages and IVR-menus are only used if really needed.

A colleague of mine created a script to do the following:

- check holiday

if holiday - > play holiday message

  optional go to holiday destination

if not holiday  -> check open /closed

if closed -> play closed message

  optional go to closed destination

if open -> go to open destination (e.g. extension, blast or B-ACD dropthrough group)

(there's also an option for lunchbreakmessages and destination).

I was wondering if this script is generic enough to be included.




Re: Feature request - Simple AA Open/Closed script

Version 3 of the AA script for UC500 supports most of what you discussed.

Look at the AA section of CCA 2.2.5 TSW and tell me whats missing...

In this lab, I did not differenciate between OPEN and CLOSED but could have easily.

Holidays are treated as closed so that may be a difference from what you want.

No Action Transfer is included

Prompts are customizable for day versus night.

you can always send a email to and ask for CUE Editor help.   You can then load your custom script into CUE and then use it if you prefer not to use the canned scripts.

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Re: Feature request - Simple AA Open/Closed script

Hello Steven,

I've read the PDF and it's not about what i'm missing it's more about what's still there. I don't want to give the caller any options for input. The caller is forwarded to the operator / operator group when the company is open and hears a message when the company is closed. That's it.

Tormorrow I'm in our lab again and I will look at the script in action.

Of course we have a working script but because we implement it so often it triggered me to ask this question.



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Re: Feature request - Simple AA Open/Closed script

Give a look to my "Universal AA" script at

It supports all the most commonly requested settings, including yours, with just parameter configuration. No more personalization and changes needed for each customer.

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