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Few problems


Our company is having few problems with IP telephony. We have UC320W hardware which is connected to ESW520 and from it to one SPA 509G and all others SPA 502G. SPA 509G is the main telephone (from this telephone all the incoming calls should be redirected to other telephones). I have a few questions which don't let us communicate easier:

1. How to setup outbound call to be forwarded to other telephones (from 509 to all other 502)? Inbound calls forwarding work O.K.

2. How to make that every ring on telephone wouldn't be like a seperate (missed) call?

3. How to disable few seconds silence after call forwarded to you?

4. How to evade the situation when call is being automatically hang up by the system itself after some time?


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Few problems

Hi Tomas,

In regards to your problems, here are my suggestions- if I misinterpret your setup, please explain.

1.) Are you trying to find efficient method to transfer calls incoming to receptionist to other office phones?  If this is the case, take a look at this implementation:

Config found here:

In this scenario, we have setup a SPA500 attendant console, where the left column of buttons provide BLF functionality, and the right column of buttons provide transfer to voicemail.   Thus the receptionist can quickly transfer a call to a particular individual with a single button press (the BLF).  If that person is busy, the receptionist sends the caller to that person's voicemail with a single button press as well.

2) To hear distinct ring tone to differentiate caller (internal versus external) please see this thread:

3) This we currently cannot modify.  May consider as a feature request.

4) You can avoid having call forwards go to a hangup state by carefully planning all your callforwards.  Make sure that setting for every phone and group has a Call-Forwarding set to always reach either another extension, AA,  or voicemail.  You never want to miss a call or have a caller be hanged upon.

Configuration -> User/Group features -> Call Forwarding ->User Call Forwards

Configuration -> User/Group features -> Call Forwarding ->Group Call Forwards

Hope this helps.


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Re: Few problems

The main point about call forwarding is that when I call from outbound - call forwarding doesn't work. I mean I need the call to be answered if the telephone rings 10 seconds and is not answered then it would ring the other phone. I don't want to use AA and hunt group. I just want simple call forward when someone from outside calls and theres no one to answer and then the call should be forwarded to another phone. Maybe this is firmware's fault that this function doesn't work, because I had it set up in the config, but still it only works when inside call is being made.

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Re: Few problems

Tomas,Can you try the hunt group feature?

Inbound call -> Phone A  ring 10 seconds then ring Phone B


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