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Firmware for SPA942

I've looked unsuccessfully for the latest firmware (6.1.5a I believe) for my SPA942s at work. CISCO's site is a beast. Where can one find this?

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Re: Firmware for SPA942

Here is the firmware 6.1.5a that you are looking for.


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Re: Firmware for SPA942


Many thanks. I was able to push the upgrade to all 942 phones. Is there a similar upgrade for the SPA941?



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Re: Firmware for SPA942


Here is the firmware for the SPA941.


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Re: Firmware for SPA942

Hi, I'm Hans. I read your comments about upgrading firmware for the SPA942 phones. I bought my phones on eBay. Unfortunately the Partner/or Service Provider is out of business and I don't know the passwords. Do you know a method installing the firmware, which would give me access to the phones so I could use them, without using a password? If you like, I welcome an answer directly to my email:

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.

Cisco Employee

Re: Firmware for SPA942

Hi Hans,

Sipura > Linksys > Cisco made the products secure in order to protect our customers.

Think of it this way. The purchaser paid full price for the phone. If they wanted their phones to be resold they would have erased or supplied passwords.

Some would suggest that you have been sold something that was not intended by the original purchaser, to be resold. That is, you have purchased "stolen" goods, to put it bluntly.

Of course it's never this easy. The original company probably had the consumer pay for the product and is now out of business... ...

Basically I'm trying to say that if the device was properly configured, you cannot access it again. Period.

However, sometimes providers don't properly lock down the equipment. If this is the case for you, you could be in luck.

You could attach a sniffer to the network, power up the device and see what it's looking for. If you provide what it's looking for, you could be in luck. However, if the provider secured the device properly, you will not get in.

My suggestion: return the device to the EBay seller.




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