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FXO/CO Lines in CCA 3.0 / Software Pack 8.1.0


Just reloaded a customers UC520 with FXO using CCA 3 and software pack 8.1.0 and I ran into some unfamiliar issues working with CO lines.

  1. In the past, I was able to set these up on each phone and change their label to correspond to the incoming line. This time I had to to do this via the CLI which was kind of inconvenient, and I know the use of CLI is frowned upon when you configured using the CCA. Any chance we will see the ability to label these lines again?
  2. When a call comes in and is picked up on a CO Line, the call is not able to be transferred using the Transfer soft button (it's grayed out), but it can be done by pressing the transfer key (on a 7931) and dialing the users extension. Also, they are unable to just press a "watched" extension button to transfer the call, they have to manually dial the extension number.
  3. Not really related to CO lines, but was more of another issue I ran into dealing with General Delivery Mailboxes. As far as I can tell there is no way to create these in CCA except in the blast group, but I did not use this functionality. I tried to set them up in the CUE, but I could not get it set up in the auto attendant to send callers to the GDM until I set up a floating extension (without mailbox) in CCA and then manually edited the ephone-dn for the floating extension from the CLI to "call-forward all" to voicemail. Is there an easier way to do this that I am missing?
  4. Finally, the customer in question would like to use the fax to email functionality. Is this supported in CCA with FXO? I tried to set it up but it wants the FXO port to be assigned to a voicemail box, and it seems to populate the list automatically, so I have each user in the office with a different FXO port assigned to them. Is there any way I can create a "FAX" user/extension, then associate a single FXO port to it so that it can send faxes that are received on that port to email?

Thanks in advance for any help!


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