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FXO line issue

I seem to be having a problem with the 3 FXO lines for my UC320

I  figured that it would be a good start to stick with the analogue lines  for before we played with the SIP lines since this is our first  system.

What is happening is the lines stay in the "In-Use" state.

I  ran FXo impedence matching and I received different data for all 3  lines. I assume that is what need to play with the help tweek those  lines.

How accurate is that test feature? I did it to mobile phone, is it better to do it to a land line?

I am not sure what else to attack to look into this?

Also  to make things a little more tricky one of the lines is where we  receive our fax's from, Yes people still send us faxs. Are there any  suggested guide lines for this?

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Re: FXO line issue


Can you give us a little info on your system:

what is the firmware version on the UC320W?

What Locale/Region are you using?

Are you using this in Key system/Blend or PBX mode?

Do you have a SPA8800 in your network?

It is best to run the impedance matching tool by placing a call to a landline where you can mute the call.  The tool will generate a series of tones from the UC320W and then measure the reflection of sound back to determine the best settings.  Landlines give the best audio quality.

It is normal to have different impedance values for each FXO.


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