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GDM/BACD and an Office Manager question

The Office Manager one first: the customer's office manager has launched the application and is getting an error referring to CLI configuration having been used so Office Manager won't launch. As the site in question has a SPA8000, configured in accordance with doc on this site which says you must use the CLI, how do I get Office Manager to run successfully? CCA only configuration is just not an option if the SPA8000 requires CLI, and this setup actually worked previously, until I upgraded to latest CCA and Software Pack.

The GDM/BACD question may be more complex: in an ideal world, I would like them to have a separate button for the direct extensions and the groups (some users may be in more than one group), but have accurate BACD stats that take into account all calls going to the handset.  At the moment the users have (for example) extension 23, which is in the group and the statistics report separates direct-dialled calls from the group-delivered calls. I know I can create a separate extension 73 for group calls and have it delivered to a different button, but I'd like to be able to get a report that says x% of calls were direct vs. group calls.

If I can't do that, I just need a separate button for MWI for the GDM, which I know is dealt with in other posts by using an "intermediary" fake extension with a call-forward to the group. Is there a way to set that up using the existing GDM, which has recorded prompts and saved messages?



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GDM/BACD and an Office Manager question

I highly doubt you can get Office Manager running without looking through the software debugs to see what the issue is.  Office manager and CLI do not mix, so without restoring your UC500 to a previous state, you might be stuck without office manager.

Can you rephrase your second question?

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