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Getting a bunch or phone resyncs

We are experiencing a large number of phone resyncs in our office and it does not seem that the voicemail portion of the system is effected.  I am out of the office on a business trip, so I cannot do too much to troubleshoot this, but if you give me some basic ideas on what to look for I can get you logs or whatever to help troubleshoot the system.

Here is what I know so far:

1) I was on the phone inbound from my cell.  I was talking and got dead air.  I tried to call the office and got ringing and then voicemail.  I called the office on one of the office workers cell phones and she said that her phone said "resyning" or something similar, then it said "restarting some component"  When I was calling in during the resyncing of all of the phones, they would all ring.  She just could not pick it up.

2) Another time, Todd inetercommed me.  When he hung up, my phone resync'd.  I talked with support and they asked if the system had rebooted.  It had been up for 1 day and 6 hours.  So it did not reboot the system.

I will continue to log incidents in here as they occur.


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Re: Getting a bunch or phone resyncs

Hi Scott,

Is your UC320w configured to DHCP on the WAN port?



Andrey Cassemiro.

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Re: Getting a bunch or phone resyncs

No, I set the WAN to static.    

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Re: Getting a bunch or phone resyncs

Hi Scott,

I have some follow up questions to try and understand what might be going on.

  1. Are your incoming calls coming in via FXO or Sip Trunks?
  2. Are all phones resyncing or just some?
  3. Are phones connected to UC320W or POE switch?
  4. What type of switch are you using?
  5. Has your internet service been stable or is it bouncing up and down?

Related to these are some general fault isolation guidelines to investigate the issue you are having:

Unexpected Phone Resets might be caused by one of the following conditions:

  • Power Surge ... any of the following affected components could exhibit this symptom
    • UC320W
    • Switch that phones are connected to
    • Phones
  • Switch Improperly configured or out of date firmware
    • ESW 500 switches must be upgraded to at least the 2.1.19 firmware to address known connectivity problems.
  • Internet Connection Disrupted - UC320W currently resets phones whenever something happens that results in the reconfiguration of the WAN connection.  This can included any of the following:
    • Disconnection of WAN cable.
    • Loss of Internet service.
    • Reassignment of IP Address.
  • For these reasons it is recommended that you provide a stable WAN connection to your ISP using a static IP address and use an UPS to provide backup power to your UC320W, ISP modem and any network operation critical device in the event of power outage.

If you open a case with the Support Center please try to provide your configuration and a trace if possible.

Hope this helps,


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Re: Getting a bunch or phone resyncs

Thanks for the troubleshooting tips.  I will get a case open when I get back into he office.

I am on UPS, I have static IP addresses.  I am on a Netgear PoE switch and all phones are on that switch.

Currently travelling at HTG in Dallas.



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