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headset button on 7931

I have a 7931g handset and I want to connect to it a Plantronics Voyager bluetooth headset. I can read in the manual that one of the line buttons (top right i believe) is set as the headset key however when I press it nothing happens. I then assumed that it must need to be programmed but I cannot see any doc that explains how to do this.

Apologies if this is very straightforward but I feel like I'm missing something simple here.

Cisco Employee

Re: headset button on 7931

Hi Stephen,

Have a look in the config for the ephone, and you should see that it is assigned an ephone-template.  Look under that template, and you will probably see:

button-layout 7931 1

Button layout #1 only has two of the top four buttons programmed for functions (Menu and Messages I think though I could be wrong).  If you change this to ' button-layout 7931 2', then you will have buttons 21 thru 24 programmed as Messages, Directories, Headset and Menu respectively, which will put the headset button up on the top right as you expect.



Community Member

Re: headset button on 7931

Thanks Dave!

That worked as expected by adding the 'button-layout 7931 2'. What would I do without your help.

Community Member

Re: headset button on 7931

Yes you where slighlty wrong. Button layout 1 for the 7931 is 24:applications (apps,directory,settings,voicemail etc) and 23:Headset.

Layout 2 is for 24:apps 23:headset: 22:local services: 21:voicemail

But in layout 1 you can save your extra 2 buttons by hiding voicemail and directory behind button 24 as sub options.

I cant understand why Cisco didn´t have the hardware extra button like most other phones have.... :-)

At least this worked for me. And to make it a littlebit better, like moving the Gpickup softkey button the front-four I did this extra layout:

So it looks like this in CLI mode:

ephone-template  15
softkeys idle  Redial Newcall Gpickup Dnd Cfwdall
softkeys seized  Endcall Gpickup
softkeys alerting  Endcall Callback
softkeys connected  Endcall Trnsfer Hold Confrn
button-layout 7931 1

regards. Kristjan Edvardsson

Sensa ehf. Cisco Gold Partner.

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