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Help ! Callers left in limbo listing to on hold music


I have the SPA9000 with 6.1.5 firmware and about 6 SPA942 and SPA941s attached. Sometime ago we lost the ability to transfer calls. Basically if somebody calls in, and is answered say on extension 100...they attempt to transfer to extension 101. So they hit the XFER softkey and then dial the new extension to transfer the call to and then hit the xfer button again. The call is not getting transfered, the caller is left in "limbo" with on hold music playing and we cant recover the call.

Sometime ago it was working, and I dont see why it isnt anymore - the only notable change is the introduction of a hardware firewall  - but checking the logs I can't see that any traffic is being blocked from the SPA9000 (or the phones).

If anyone out there has any knowledge on what to check I (and the countless callers left in limbo listening  to dodgey jazz music) would be so grateful  as I have spent hours trying to work out whats going on.



Cisco Employee

Re: Help ! Callers left in limbo listing to on hold music

Dear Marc;

I suggest you check the traces between the SPA900 and the SIP proxy. This may be related to signalling of hold or if media is being anchored at SPA9000, this is not common at all but saw it happening in another ocassion. I would appreciate if you can describe better the scenario and provide information about the configuration of the device.


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