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Help Needed: Voicemail/aa + long way to stop the line after user drops the call

Hi everybody,

I kindly ask you to provide some help related to puting the voicemail message affter aa.

Basicly, i do have configuration that transfer the call to voicemail box, but i am not sure with this:

the hunt group:  202:name="VoiceMail",11,hunt=al;1;1,cfwd=vm1111 (at spa400 the voicemail box is 111, line1). But it is way transfer aa => voicemail works.

There are some issues:

1. it takes too long to stop the call after customer/user leave the message into voicemail box and drop the call.The line remains open for cca 20 sec, after the user drops. The message is full of tu-tuuu sounds after the user message.

2. i can not get voicemail message from outside.(not sure if <0:vmm1> at DP2 is ok).

3. the phone SP504G has all the time red light on, even if there are no voicemail at the mail box. Is that is ok?  This phone is configured to read the aa voicemail box (111 at line1/spa400).

The aa works in two operational modes: daily (aa script 1) and nightly + weekends (aa script 2). AA script 2 should transfer call into voicemail box after the wellcome message (prompt1).

Thanks a lot / Best regards,


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Help Needed: Voicemail/aa + long way to stop the line after user

The options for detecting the PSTN line disconnection is either "Battery reversal as disconnection signal" or "Loop period shut-down as disconnection signal" under voice tab. Shorten the "tear down fxo port when silence detected for" period can help too, the default value is 300 seconds.

What happens when you pressed 0 in the AA?

This option should work when trying to retreive from the ITSP but not from the PSTN side of the spa400.

Check the voicemail status for the phone in the spa9000.  This would be in the Line/Proxy and Registration/Mailbox Status and look for the matching extension which would be followed by the new vm/all vm.

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Re: Help Needed: Voicemail/aa + long way to stop the line after

Hi nseto,

Thanks a lot for the hints. I'll try it and let you know.

If 0 is not an option at AA, why shoud it work?

We are using SPA400 as voicemail server and gateway to PSTN (two lines). Please let me know, is this two functionalty at the same device is over loaded? I have read the manual, and found this shoud be ok?

The voicemail status is ok There is a new voice message, everytime i call. But, when i try the hear the meassage, i can hear only the last part of the message (only in the case, the message is longer). If the message is shorter (very often) i can hear only 'sound of closed line: tu-tuuuu (europian standard). It looks the voicemail server grabs only end of the message, not the beggining. Confused.Any idea here would be great?

Thanks a lot / Best regards,


P.S.. Sorry for some delay on reply.



More infos: when dialing local group number 202 (202:name="voicemail",11,hunt=al;1;1;cfwf=vm1111) there is message:

"Personal extension 111 is unavaliable. Please leave your message after the tone, when done hang up or press pound key".

Not sure why this message appear? After the tone, the voicemail is recorded. Is this could be the reason why the outside call could leave only end part of the message?



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