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Help with E911 on a foriegn exchange

I need some thoughts and or ideas.  We deployed a new UC500 system for a  client.  They have 5 siteswith MPLS links between all.  We are  deploying phones in al location but only one call manager.  The calls  all work and route properly to the main location where we have a PRI.  I  have tested all of the 911 calls from each location and they work  fine.  I am using the IP subnet to send out the proper E911 information.

There is one location in a different area code and the carrier told me  when I asked if they can handle E911 to a foreign exchange.  As usual  they said sure we can and then we deployed and they now tell me they  can't.  Hmm a carrier that has any clue what they can and cannot do???

Anyway, I need help to figure out how I can get that 911 to work from that location.

Some ideas are:

Trying to place an outbound call through and ATA to an analog line

Create a call rule where 911 calls go out the PRI and does a long  distance call to a number that is in the 911 center in that county.  Not  sure if I can even do that?

Beyond that I am stumped.

Any ideas would be greatly apreciated.



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