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How do you troubleshoot Jitter & Latency?

Does anyone recommend a type of packet sniffer to determine jitter and or latency?

If a client complains about "silent" spaces and/or noise what is the best way to determine the cause?

Is there a "Cisco recommended" software or freeware?

Thank you.


Re: How do you troubleshoot Jitter & Latency?

Use Wireshark with SIP filtering and look for the BYE message to see endpoint to endpoint stats.

Ya know, the phones also have history of connections and I have seen this there too...

New Member

Re: How do you troubleshoot Jitter & Latency?

Hi Paul,

There is a command which for some reason I am unable to remember of the top of my head, that allows you to see this on the IOS per ephone I believe...

This is one method, to which was used frequently when I did an ISR 2800 deployment with 30 remote CIPC staff coming in on the system, but I suspect your question though is pertaining more to a SIP trunk and the users experience of that right?

Wireshark is good for this although you really have to wade through a truck load chatter and at times can be confusing.

As soon as I can remember or even find the command I will post it for you to check that one out as well.



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