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how to disable vlans in UC520?

Hi, I`m new to cisco products.

I`m in the process of connecting a phone in a remote office to the uc520 in the main office thru a IPSEC VPN tunnel established between two fortigate firewall, I tried for a long period and can`t get that phone connected. I`m just wondering if the Vlan added complexity to the routing. We only have six phones in total so I think the Vlan is not needed. Is there anyway I can delete the vlan and put all my phones in the same network as the laptops in the office?

Now the data vlan is 192.168.0.x, which is the same network of the office.(I.E. all the laptops and other devices are 192.168.0.x), the voice vlan is 10.1.1.x, and all the phones are in 10.1.1.x network. Can I change all the phones` IP address to the 192.168.0.x network? (thus delete the Vlan). The remote office`s network is 192.168.9.x. I think it will be easier to configure the system without the Vlans in my situation. Any suggestions will be appreciated, thanks!


Cisco Employee

how to disable vlans in UC520?

Hello Peter,

I would suggest to keep the vlans make sure the routing is working properly between both sites and subnets. Then enter the tftp server (the UC if it is by default the source is the CUE subnet) in the phone configuration.



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