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how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line appearance on BE3K?

Hi All,

A few questions about BE3K as below : 

1.    What’s the default prefix  for voicemail  in BE3K ?  or how to program prefix for voicemail in BE3K ?

In UC500, we can manually program  a prefix number or code  such as “6”  , then dial "6" + extension to access to that extensions' voicemail  from any subscribed phone. We often use this "voicemail code + extension"  as night switch VM.

2.    How to program night service/schedule in BE3K?

          I understand there is  day/night service on Auto Attendant setting what if customer dosen't  want caller to hear any AA greeting or option 1, 2, 3 , most of  customers just simply want to caller reach a hunt group during the day and a voicemail greeting during the night ( again, how to program night switch VM?)

3.    How to program multiple - line appearance on BE3K ?

You are more than welcomed to give answers or point me to right direction 


how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap

1. BE3K system assigns a DN for Voicemail and AA. It is shown on the System Settings - Dial Plan page. The DN is assigned based on extension length on the system. 

Please explain what is use case for default VM prefix.

2. You can configure a translation pattern to translate main number to the hunt list pilot number. That way when a user calls the main number, they will reach the hunt list.

The huntlist can be configured to forward calls to an extension when no agent in the huntlist answers. During night time, this setting can be used to forward all unanswered calls to an extension which has voicemail enabled and call forward all enabled.

3. On the Usage Profile Page, you configure more than one line to have line configuration. Then on the Phone page, you configure additional line appearances for the user who has that phone.


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how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap


On 3....

A user can "own" multiple lines. These are provisioned on the user page. (Note that this is not required to have multiple lines on a phone, but is a way to assign multiple lines to a user if that is desired when sharing lines on a phone.)

One the phone configuration page, just keep adding more lines to the phone in the "extensions" area.

When adding more lines to a phone, if you enter the same extension multiple times, then the phone enters a "roll-over" mode. In this mode, each line (of the same extension) will only allow one call. The next call then appears on the next line on the phone of that extension. Some customers prefer this mode of behavior.

When using roll-over mode, be sure to take into account any other phone that shares that extension. You'll want both phones to be in roll-over mode. If one phone is in multi-call mode for that extension (the extension appears on the phone only once), and another phone has the same extension in roll-over mode (the extension appears more on the phone more than once), then while both phones will ring with the first call, only the first phone (mult-call mode) will ring if a second simultaneous call arrives. This is because in roll-over mode, the second phone cannot handel the second call, and wants to forward it to the next line appearance. However, the first phone (multi-call mode) can handle the call on that line. So, the second call is offered to that phone without forwarding to the next line appearance.

If you want to mix these two modes, configure two phones with the same line (shared line) and setup the two phones differently, one in roll-over mode, and the other with just one line appearance. Then, use other phones to call that extension so that you can experiance the behavior first hand. It can be a bit confusing to get a problem report from one of your end users because of this missconfiguration. Seeing it first hand will help you recognize if you ever accidentally enter this configuration. This missconfiguration cannot be prevented as you pass through it when assigning lines to phones. However, the GUI does not warn you that you are in this configuration.

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how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap

I am having trouble getting extensions to roll over as you described above. 

How are you getting the same extension to be listed on the phone more than once?  When I try this, it says "Enter a different extension for this line" or "This extension is already owned by XXXX". 


how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap

Hi Ryan

I think you are trying to configure rollover lines to the user page. It should be configured on Phone configuration page.


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how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap

I am having trouble with the night service also.

During the day the calls should ring main reception and then a group of receptionists if unanswered - have that working - just  (the 10 second timeout on hunt groups is way too short) - when the Hunt roup times out it goes back to receptionist (who is in a different profile to ring out to the hunt group) - repeat...

Pressing a night switch button or at night time the calls should go automatically to Voice mail.

What am I missing to configure this?  Directing all calls via AA is not an option as it doesnt have a option to direct calls without a response from the caller.

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how to program voicemail prefix, night service,multiple-line ap

To pass a call through to voice mail directly prefix the extension with a * 

  • Divert an incoming call to voicemail - An operator can transfer a call directly to the voicemail of a user by dialing *(asterisk) followed by the extension number. Also, an end user can leave a voicemail on another person's voicemail inbox directly by dialing *(asterisk) followed by the extension number.

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