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How to replace underscore by a dot dial plan?

I am using an SPA525G with a 3CX PBX. Since I let the PBX handle the outbound rules, my dial plan on the phone is very simple: [x*].

I have the 3CX Skype Gateway installed so I can call Skype user IDs. In the phone book on the phone I enter a number as: #skypeID, and in the 3CX outbound rules I simply strip off the #, and that takes care of that. Unfortunately this does not work for Skype IDs that have a dot in the ID. For instance the phone book entry #firstname.lastname always fails with a Network Error. But if I use an underscore instead of a dot, the phone sends #firstname_lastname to the PBX correctly.

The 3CX outbound rules do not provide a way to replace the underscore with a dot. I tried [<_:.>x*]. but that did not work. So the question is: Can I use the phone's dial plan to replace ANY underscore in a number with a dot?

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Re: How to replace underscore by a dot dial plan?

Dear Sir;

Dial plan only affects numbers (the dial pad), not any digit. So, from dial plan point of view it is not possible to influence on this parameters.

I suspect you are trying to dial a skype contact. You should be able to do it via dial pad (alpha numbers), but not applying the dial plan. The syntax would be to enter the whole URL, e.g.


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Re: How to replace underscore by a dot dial plan?

OK thx, appreciate your reply. Good to know the dial plan only affects digits, no need for me to waste any more time on trying to get that working.

I can try the format you suggested, but it really doesn't solve my problem. Using the format actually makes it harder to route the call in the 3CX PBX. I have to route regular numbers to my VoIP provider, while all Skype addresses need to get routed to the Skype gateway. 3CX only lets me match and strip off preceding characters, that's why I idenitied all Skype addresses by preceding them with a # and then stripping that character off. 3CX cannot identify a Skype address based on the trailing set of '' characters. I could of course start preceding regular numbers with e.g. a 9 and send everything else to the Skype gateway, but then I'd have to dial that extra character every time. No need for me to do that, since preceding a Skype addres by '#' and stripping that off works just fine.

Either way, it still leaves the '.' in the address, and that keeps giving me a network error. There's no log in the PBX, so the phone doesn't even try to build up a SIP session, it flat-out refuses to dial a 'number' with a '.' in it. So basically I can't call any Skype ID from my phone wthat has a '.' in the address. Annoying...

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