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How to request a PMF ?

Is it possible to request a new PMF for a UC320? I installed a new UC320 for my client, a car repair shop. They have a large, multi-bay garage. When paging over the external loud speaker, the paging tones are not loud enough to grab your attention due to the noise generated by the mechanics in the garage. The page itself is loud enough, but unless the mechanics pause a moment, they miss the first part of the page. I see there is a PMF available for removing the external page tones, is there a way to request one to make the tones louder, more distinct?

thanks so much!

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How to request a PMF ?


There is a volume control for the external audio out port under:

Configuration -> Call Routing -> Call Paging -> There is a slide bar to adjust the volume up and down.

Did you try adjusting this option?


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How to request a PMF ?

The volume control was set at maximum. The pages themselves were loud enough, but the tone that the system provides prior to the page was not loud enough.

I did receive a PMF from Cisco. I will be testing it this week and providing feedback to how it works.

Thank you.

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How to request a PMF ?

Installed and tested new PMF from Cisco. Works great - three distinct tones that are loud and clear!

Do note: It only works on the external page extension, so it can't be included in paging groups. A minor inconvenience. I added a speed dial to the phones that calls the external page extension. Worked like a charm.

thanks to all those that helped!!

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